Save Yourself Time, Money & Frustration In Online Marketing

In other words. Use me! Meaning, use my experiences in this unforgiving industry to save yourself loads of confusion, thousands of dollars and months. Shit, maybe even years off your pending success online.

How you ask? I'm happy you asked 😉   Here's How & Why.

When people first get here, by here I mean this industry, they are usually awestruck by the many success stories, uber influencial personalities and the seemingly endless and easily attainable income opportunities there are to make life changing, friends & family pleasing and ‘buy that cherry red Lambo' tomorrow kinda money. 

Did you catch it? What's the main keyword phrase in that last paragraph that makes all of this web based fantasy island come falling back down to reality? Yup. You guessed it…'the seemingly endless and easily attainable‘ income opportunities.

Sure there are exceptions to this. Actually, more & more completely brand new people, take one step inside the I.M. niche and do the amazing and improbable feat of running a wildly successful campaign on the first opportunity they come across. Leaving the rest of us scratching our heads, wondering “How the F@#*! did they do that?!” 

As I was online one morning in April 2015, looking for another job/career was at the forefront. My father, brother & I had just been forced to close our doors as the economic impact of the world market value of a barrel of oil dropped to unprecedented lows. Overnite the plentiful and worry free source of income we had always known was gone. 

Energy companies who just the day before filled shops and lots with hundreds of specialized vehicles and equipment, were gone over-nite. Assets and bank accounts seized and drained. Nothing would ever be the same. And it only got worse…

In my online search for anything i could do or apply for was few and far between. Then, out of the corner of my eye I saw a ‘Guaranteed Email Sending System'. My eyes bulged as I clicked the image, revealing a web page that I had never seen before. 

It read ‘Join the Guaranteed Email Sending System-Make Thousands in a Few Short Weeks'. A pop-up video then gave a robust testimonial of many people who had gone through and were currently using the system. They were also receiving weekly paychecks in the mail in the hundreds,some even thousands of dollars earned.

Instantly, my new passion was THIS SYSTEM! Email Marketing, online marketing and all other related markets online were like finding a chunk of gold in a cold river. I had never heard or known of an industry that worked ‘behind the screen' that made advertisements you see on the sides of most websites and pages possible. Until then, I never really thought about it. I don't think most people do. The vast majority of the planet's population use the internet for finding things or making reservations or whatever else. 

Either way, I was addicted to this industry. From that day, I made the commitment to myself and my kids, that I too would find success online. I mean, how hard can it really be? Especially when sending 2 email's a day, through an Email Sending Program, earning me thousands of dollars weekly, just found my inbox.

Anyway, in an effort to restrict the length of this home page, I'll give you the short version. I signed up to the ‘Guaranteed Email Sending System' or G.I.M. System for short. But i wanted and needed to recoup my previous 4 months of no income so I took the few thousand I had left in savings, scaled 5 separate email sending accounts, thus setting me up for a 5 figure payday in about 70 days. 

Day 71 and all 5 of my Hulk laced email sending accounts had passed the payout threshold! I had made $21,313.44. Now to find out HOW I am getting PAID! I fill out the payout redemption form that was in the back office of my online email sending accounts. I submit them to support and wait. And wait and wait and wait and wait and wait some more. Finally after 8 days I receive the email that would set me free and into the online earner's hall-of-fame!

Guaranteed Email Sending System


Well I wish I could tell you that I got my 5 figure payday and all went well from there but that is NOT how this story goes. Instead, my initial chapter ends with a life's lesson learned. What's the lesson learned here? RESEARCH your business opportunity or home-based business venture BEFORE you invest your money. I did NOT research anything when I first got started and it cost me dearly. 

So there you have it. The very first lesson in online business is do your DUE DILIGENCE. Research and then research it again, for every possible investment that may find it's way to your inbox. Because while the stories of scams and rip-off's stemming from the internet are TRUE, the stories and accounts of those who have made MILLIONS of $$$$ online are also TRUE! 

More Millionaire's are made during these very times we are in, than in any other time in recorded history. And many of these internet millionaire's didn't even finish high school. Now I'm not saying to quit school and find your path to riches online, not saying that at all. Because there is yet another side of that dice. Because for every 1 person who finds success online, there are close to 95 other's who fail. And not only fail but spend whatever money and resources doing it. Leaving them literally with nothing.

Doing business in this industry is expensive, confusing, cutthroat and unforgiving. Nobody cares about your success aheads of their own. Everyone is here to achieve 1 thing. To get the sale/commission before you do. That's the only mandate and directive. Where the problem lies for all of us is, WHO is our target market or audience, and WHERE are those people gathering. If you can solve those 2 specific metrics, you my friend will join the internet elite as 1 of many who found success online.

I wish you nothing but the best as you begin or re-start your online business. If you get stuck or need a free version of something, hit me up. I more than likely have it or I know where you can get it for free. It's my thing. 😉 

Be safe & Be Happy! Your Here and Your Alive!

Kindest of Regards,