If Your A Marketer, Then Pretty Links Are A MUST!

Before, as a marketer, your picks for keeping track of your links have been either surrendering all authority over your links to a 3rd party connection contracting administration, revealing your own PHP content, or using  Apache to throw together some redirects.

Using a 3rd party helping or revealing your own redirection programming, both have some genuine disadvantages. Utilizing an outsider can be engaging i suppose, but it can hurt your credibility and gives you no assurance you'll generally approach your connections. Moving your own answer can require some serious energy (regardless of whether you have the specialized cleaves to do it), can be dreary to oversee, and is normally exceptionally hard to follow.

Pretty Links makes dealing with your social connections, redirects, and subsidiary links a lot easier. It's a WordPress plugin, so you should simply transfer a compress doc to your site, initiate it, and you'll have the option to make connections utilizing your site in a flash. It joins a 3rd party arrangement with the strength of a custom arrangement — Pretty Links makes it easy as pie for you to shrink, cloak, track, and share your links about the web!

What do I think is it's best feature? Well for myself, the ability to create links using your own domain is irreplacable. Using it for so long now, I dont put a link anywhere ever without creating a domain infused pretty link. It really is the bees knees.

You really need to give her a spin. Why don't you DOWNLOAD PRETTY LINKS PLUGIN.

Im sure you know what to do from there. Once you have it activated, go through the options and settings. If you don't understand what some of the options mean, there are plenty of info bubbles to give you a better explanation.

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