Massive Success Tomorrow Can Only Be Attained By Getting Started Today

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Millions each day (if not more) are afflicted with and affected by procrastination.  We have all said, “Oh, I'll do it tomorrow”?, countless times.

Procrastination is a dream killer. 

Here's the simple reason why: You can't succeed at something until it exists.

In other words, everything that physically exists (whether it's a sculpture, a city, a relationship, a job or a friendship) had to have been born first. And all physical things are born/created out of an action.

So when procrastination is prevalent , we  don't take action and consequently – nothing is created.

Do you want financial freedom?

Then you need to take action.

It cannot be attained any other way.

Do you want to own your own home or be your own boss?

Then you need to take action.

Do you want massive success?



Guess what? Tomorrow never comes. It never does.

Then there are those of us who DO take action, but do it the wrong way or take an action that has little to no affect on building or business. I was guilty of that for a 3+ years. 

Buying the next shiny object, open it up, and start putting it together or setting it up and then stopping. My hard drive is packed with half finished and even some I haven't even opened yet. Maybe you can relate.

For the past 4.5 years I would put in 16-20 hour days, doing the little things I thought was important. 

For many years I carried on this way.

It was terrible.

I bet you know what I'm talking about too. Make a commitment to choose at least one success principle and DO SOMETHING about it! It doesn't matter how poorly you do it.

Just Do It.

No matter what your business is or what service you have to offer the world it doesn't matter. Nobody cares. It didn't matter! Just get started!

So that's what I did. I threw up a landing page and offered to help people.

Did it look dumb? Yes!

But guess what? 13 people signed up anyway! How they even found my site baffles me. 

That's a success principle for you.

Did you see the movie “Field of Dreams”? Same idea: If you build it, they will come. So build it already. You can fine tune it later, but at least get it built to give a chance of succeeding. I f you build it or put it off, you'll NEVER SUCCEED.  I wanna help you take action TODAY. Here are some reasons why some of you WILL NOT take action when you're done reading this post:

1) I'm too busy and don't have enough time (You'll NEVER have enough time you gotta make the time. Wake up 30 mins earlier, anything for any time you can get!)

2)I don't know where to start(If possible find a mentor to help you)

3) Who is going to listen to what I have to say? I'm not an expert on anything (50% of millionaire entrepreneurs never finished college, some never finished high school.)

4) I'm too old. I missed the boat when I had my chance xx years ago and didn't take it. (Pffft!! You are never too old! The income opportunities online know no boundaries or age restrictions. A sale is a sale)

Then there is this. And so many people are lead to believe that you can make an online fortune for free. Think about it. Can you build a brand or start a business offline for free? Nope. The exact same principles apply to the internet. Any program or business venture that can lead you to financial place you wanna be, will 100% , everytime, all the time, require an investment. Sure there are free member programs out there but unless you have alot of time to wait and slowly watch your income grow, none of them will set you up for life. By the time they are worth cashing out, you'll be dead. 

It takes money to make money – There is NO OTHER WAY to achieve a level of life changing success.  When I started , my father , myself  and my brother all lost our houses and a successful oilfield service company , over night.  Literally. All because the price of oil tanked.

So I started with my credit destroyed, no funding sources( In Canada, we don't even have Paypal credit) . I was forced to learn everything on my own and eventually grow in knowledge and products. There is always a way. If being an entrepreneur was easy, everyone would do it and everyone would succeed! 

I'm sure there are other reasons to NOT get started building your dreams today. If you have any that are holding you back, please feel free to write in and add them to our list.

That' all for now but please: make a commitment to getting started today.

2020 is YOUR year if you want to go for it.

Stop making excuses.


It's what separates the would be's, runner ups and wish I had's from the DID IT'S!, ABUNDANTLY SUCCESSFUL AND THE ONES WHO TOOK ACTION!



Author: ryder14