Unique Success Paths

Sometimes, Unique Success Paths are discovered through unconventional means. For those who have thrived in the online marketing industry, life changing profits and scalability seem to come at ease. But, keep in mind, these lesser known but highly profitable methods were achieved through hard work, dedication and because they took massive action and kept at it until the formula they used was perfected.

The following business's and individuals are some of the best Unique Success Paths I have come across:


Paul Murphy's 24 Hr Ranking System. A little while back Paul Murphy had an idea based upon the observation of how & why certain videos ranked high on page 1 of a Google search. So much so that he reached out to many of the industries leaders and top earners to see if they had any insight into this method. He was surprised to find out that none of them knew anything about it and weren't even using this method in their own marketing efforts. Check out the video where this process is revealed.

So, he took massive action and implemented his unique success path by which he is now sitting atop the leader boards in conversions to many affiliate products and creating his own course which is changing the lives of many people and business's around the world. He has perfected the formula to get page 1, position 1 rankings (sometimes his videos have all 3 positions) without paying for Google Ads (this method is not Google Adsense) and having his videos stick at the top because of process to get them there.

You don't need a website, or ‘views' or ‘likes' and you don't even need subscribers and anyone can do this. I myself am using this method and on my first try I ranked my video in the #1 spot for my search term. If you would like more detailed info on this Unique Success Path you can attend a webinar right now. I highly recommend this if you are struggling in your online business or even if you are new to the industry.

Right now you can get FREE ACCESS to the 24 Hr Ranking System and his Free 10 part video course on YouTube, but hurry as this could be pulled without notice at any time. If you want to find success in your online business, then Affiliate Tube Success Academy can get you there!


So that's my first entry in Unique Success Paths. I will try to post twice a week and hopefully every other day by the end of the year. I hope you found this article helpful and I wish you the very best in your business opportunity!